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Love Live!

Love Live! School Idol Project is a Japanese multimedia project co-developed by ASCII Media Works' Dengeki G's Magazine, music label Lantis, and animation studio Sunrise. The project revolves around a group of fictional schoolgirls who become idols in order to save their school from shutting down. It launched in the August 2010 issue of Dengeki G's Magazine, and went on to produce music CDs, anime music videos, two manga adaptations, and video games. A separate project titled Love Live! Sunshine!! focuses on a new group of school idols.

Nowadays we can hear people talking about Love Live! everyday and everywhere. Girls all have a dream to become the idol beautiful and talented at the same time. Rolecosplay has abundant cosplay costumes and wigs for Love live! Hot series like little devil awaken, arab dancer awaken gain recognition from cosplayers worldwide. Nozomi, Nico, Honoka, Maki, Hanayo, Eli, Umi, Kotori, Rin, the nine characters from Love Love! are of high degree of recognition. It would be perfect to do the cosplay with your friends together. We also have costumes for Love Live! Sunshine fans. School uniforms and aqour dresses for Yoshiko Tsushima, Kanan Matsuura, Dia Kurosawa, TRiko Sakurauchi, Mari Ohara, Hanamaru Kunikida, Chika Takami, You Watanabe, Ruby Kurosawa. True fans won’t miss anything related with Love Live! Getting newest and hottest Love Live! Awaken series from RoleCosplay!